Welcome to the new AssayFinder ....
AssayFinder.com has been given a re-build.  Everything bar the data is new.
Below are some screen shots to put your mind at rest about 'ease of use'.

We have given you some functions to get you started.  We are hoping that the site will evolve over time and that we can get some feedback from our providers about functions that are missing from the menu.

Please send your comments and suggestions to support@assayfinder.com

The new add assay screen. Just the real name here, no aliases please.

When the assay has been successfully registered the system will prompt you for aliases. AssayFinder's new alias manager makes the registration process easier. Just type it in ....

....and it pops up on the alias function grid.

So if you made a typo There's no need to worry because, you just click modify.

How do I modify and delete my assays?

it's easy to modify your assays. You do a search and then select a function. Simple as that.

You can modify assays ....

.... and aliases really quickly.

What about my registration details, supposing our address changes?

Your registration form is available should you need to change your details.

AssayFinder.com  working smarter, faster and harder for you ....  Just click to Register