What is AssayFinder sponsorship all about?....
It's about how AssayFinder.com can help you raise customer awareness of your products and services.  At the same time you will be helping to support the free service offered by AssayFinder.

Below are some screen shots to put your mind at rest about 'ease of use'.

Have we anticipated your business needs?  Judge for your self below, also don't forget that this section of the site is new and we are anticipating feedback from our sponsors, so that we can add more useful functions to our administration utilities.

Please send your comments and suggestions to support@assayfinder.com.






Just one click to see all your account information.


Sponsoring assays is easy,  just click Sponsor ....


type in your advertisement, then click Submit.  No need to worry, because ....


you can add, update or remove sponsorship whenever and wherever you like.
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